Commercial Package Policy

Commercial Package Policy

We’ll tailor your commercial package policy to suit your needs.

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes. Business insurance policies should, too. If you operate a mid-to-large sized business, our commercial package policy will provide you with the protection your business needs.

A commercial package combines property, general liability, and enhanced coverages into one commercial insurance policy.

Standard coverage features in our commercial package policy include:

  • Your physical structures and contents, plus property of others
  • Bodily injuries vendors or customers may sustain while on your premises
  • Settlement and defense of lawsuits resulting from your products and services

Your agent may also recommend additional coverages for your business, based on the unique risks you face.

Our premier commercial package policies are tailored especially for business owners in these industries:

Additional coverages:

Employee benefits liability

For industry professionals who need it, we also offer surety bonds in 47 states.

Make sure your commercial package works for you. Our local, independent agents can work with you to customize your policy.


of businesses in the US are underinsured by 40% or more.