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We have a long tradition of building relationships that stand the test of time.

More than five generations ago, we began with a simple idea: neighbor helping neighbor. Today, Frankenmuth Insurance is one of the industry’s most financially sound and secure carriers. The coverage may be broader, the area may be larger, but the tradition is the same.

1868: Frankenmuth Insurance was founded.

Our company was founded by a group of Bavarian pioneer settlers as the Deutschen Frankenmuther Unterstützungs Verein (German Frankenmuth Aid Association). Each charter member listed the buildings and goods they wished to insure, along with their value. When a claim was filed, every member was called upon to contribute toward coverage of the loss. The association’s first office was in the back room of the Nuechterlein Mortuary on Main Street in Frankenmuth, Michigan.

1921: Frankenmuth Mutual Auto Insurance Company was founded.

At this time, automobiles were no longer a rarity. And as the number of automobiles increased, so did the number of accidents, and the need for car insurance. To begin operations, the company needed 200 subscribers. The premium rate was a flat $7.50 per car, plus a $1.00 policy fee.

1922: We wrote our first auto insurance policy.

In March of 1922, the required 200 subscribers had been enrolled, allowing the Frankenmuth Mutual Auto Insurance Company to officially issue its first policy, which covered a 1923 Dodge Brothers sedan, owned by John A. Geyer.

1941: The Frankenmuth Mutual Fire Insurance Company assumed operation of the original association.

The new company began with operations in three counties, 12 agents in the field and ranked 32nd in size, among similar Michigan companies. To make the change complete, our company moved to the Fechter Hardware building up the street.

1948: The Frankenmuth Mutual Fire Insurance Company moved into its own, larger office.

In just seven years, the Frankenmuth Mutual Fire Insurance Company more than doubled its total insurance in force, and we moved into our own building at 130 West Tuscola Street.

1958: Frankenmuth Mutual Auto Insurance Company and Frankenmuth Mutual Fire Insurance Company merged.

By 1958, Frankenmuth Mutual Fire Insurance Company was the second-largest insurance company in Michigan, with more than 16,000 customers and 50 agents to serve them. The Frankenmuth Mutual Auto Insurance Company provided automobile and casualty insurance to more than 40,000 customers through 110 company agents.

The two Frankenmuth companies were more than just neighbors in their Tuscola Street locations. Each was rooted in the same heritage, had been started to meet a hometown need, and operated in the same counties of Michigan, using the same independent insurance agents as representatives.

It became clear to both companies that independence and separate operations would limit, rather than strengthen, their growth. So, after a series of meetings, it was agreed to merge the two companies, effective Dec. 31, 1958. The merged company, with combined assets of more than $6 million, became Frankenmuth Mutual Insurance Company.

1960: A headquarters was built.

In 1960, we moved into our new 12,000-square-foot home office at 1 Mutual Avenue. There have been four major building expansion projects since then, with the most recent in 2008, expanding office space to more than 140,000 square feet.

1970s: We expanded geographically.

During the 1970s, Frankenmuth Mutual Insurance Company expanded geographically to offer a broader base of operations. The coverage area grew to include Indiana, Ohio and Wisconsin, giving the company a four-state field of operation.

1980: Our company was given its first “A+” (Superior) rating by the A.M. Best Company.

1990s: We expanded geographically—again.

Frankenmuth Mutual Insurance was licensed and doing business in eight states—now including Illinois, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia—and premiums were nearing $300 million.

By the end of the decade, we were ready to expand into the southeast region of the country, so we formed a subsidiary called Ansur America to spearhead new regional growth in Georgia and Tennessee.

2007: We welcomed Patriot Insurance to our team.

In July 2007, Frankenmuth Insurance merged operations with Patriot Insurance Company, a regional insurer based in Maine. This expanded our footprint in the northeast region. Frankenmuth Insurance introduced commercial insurance products to Patriot Insurance, which helped drive growth in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.

2010: Our first life insurance policy was issued through Patriot Life Insurance Company.

The merger with Patriot Insurance Company also included the Patriot Life Insurance Company, a subsidiary. Patriot Life was relocated to Michigan with the full financial backing as a member of Frankenmuth Insurance. We introduced life product offerings in Michigan and Ohio to complement our homeowner and automobile insurance.

2010: Our regional presence increased with the addition of Kentucky and Alabama.

With this expansion, Frankenmuth Insurance was now operating in 15 states.

2015: Life insurance introduced in Maine and Vermont.

2016: We extended our product line, introducing Frankenmuth Surety.

Surety bonds are a popular and efficient way for businesses to provide security to their customers. It’s a credit-based relationship where a trusted partner like Frankenmuth Surety can add great value.

Our surety division provides a wide array of construction, commercial and subdivision bonds at competitive terms, and is licensed in 46 states.

2017: Frankenmuth Surety was approved by the U.S. Department of the Treasury with an underwriting limit of $50,830,000.

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