Business Life

Business Life

Your business doesn’t have to stop after you’re gone. Business life insurance can help.

You’ve built a great business that needs protection for the future. After all, what are you working toward? Surely not the short-term. It’s all about the long-term sustainability of your company and the legacy you’ll leave behind. So, have you considered life insurance for your business?

Ask yourself what would happen if you, your business partner, or a key employee becomes disabled or passes away. How would you keep things going? That’s how business life insurance can help.  

With business life insurance, you can:

  • Develop a buy/sell plan to ensure the continued success of your business
  • Set up insurance policies for your key employees
  • Create charitable foundations
  • Develop special-needs trusts for family members
  • Employ tax-favored vehicles for financial retirement planning

At Frankenmuth Insurance, it’s our passion to work with business owners to ensure their continued success well into the future. Our life insurance team provides consultations, proposal reviews, product matches and recommendations, sample legal documents, formal presentations, and referrals to some of the best attorneys and certified public accountants around.

Talk to one of our local, independent agents about the future of your business, and they’ll guide you to the business life protection that’s right for you.

Life insurance policies are written by our subsidiary, Patriot Life Insurance Company, which operates in many states in the Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast regions of the United States.