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Our Commercial Umbrella policy will give you extra protection from the unexpected.

Our Commercial Umbrella policy works exactly as the name implies—by providing an extra layer of protection to keep you covered. If ever your standard liability insurance wasn’t enough, your umbrella policy would kick in to help protect against catastrophic losses.

For example:

A customer trips and falls in your store.

While taking the stairs in your retail store, a customer trips and falls down them. They suffer severe injuries and have medical bills that total more than your standard insurance is able to pay. Your Umbrella policy could potentially cover the rest, depending on your limits.

You own an auto repair shop, and while test driving a customer vehicle, one of your mechanics causes an accident.

As the owner of an auto repair shop, it’s your mission to fix damage caused by car accidents. But, what happens when one of your employees is the one who caused it? If one of your mechanics causes a fatal accident, you could be sued and found liable for $1.5 million. Your standard business auto policy may cover $1 million, and your Umbrella policy would help cover the rest.

Your employee, an electrician, comes in contact with a live wire, and your contracting business is found liable.

After suffering a traumatic shock, the electrician is hospitalized, and you are found liable for negligence. You now owe the electrician $750,000, but your standard insurance only covers $500,000. Your Umbrella policy would help cover the remaining balance.

Our Commercial Umbrella policy provides extra protection—much like an actual umbrella. With limits ranging from $1 million to $10 million, it will likely complete your package of insurance protection. However, should you need to supplement it with a surety bond, you can. Learn more about Frankenmuth Surety.

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The examples contained on this website are merely intended to be illustrations of the type of coverage that may be available to your company. The limits and scope of coverage vary from policy to policy. Therefore, many of the examples contained on this site may not be applicable to your specific policy. If you have any questions regarding your coverage, please consult your independent agent.