Condominium Unit Owners

Condo Insurance

The right property and liability coverage for your condo matters.

More than likely, your condo association has insurance to protect the property from certain damages. But what happens when something isn’t covered? That’s when you need your own coverage. Condo insurance (or condominium insurance) covers the things most condo association insurance policies do not.

Condo insurance helps to protect your valuables, like furniture and electronics, if these were to be damaged in a covered incident. It also can safeguard your finances against lawsuits from someone injuring himself or herself in your unit.

Help protect your condo from fire, theft, and other covered losses with Frankenmuth Insurance. Our policies protect:

  • Your condo
    If your condo gets damaged, we can provide the additional coverage your condo association insurance does not, including accidental damage, along with theft and vandalism.
  • Your possessions
    Parts of your condo (like the structure itself and any external damages that occur) usually are covered by your condo association insurance. Your personal possessions generally are not. Our policies will cover your appliances, electronics, furniture, and clothing.
  • Your assets
    A policy can protect you against personal liability costs in the event you’re sued. We cover accidental bodily injury, medical bills, accidental property damage, and lawsuits seeking damages.

Protect your condo from the unexpected.

Condo associations typically are responsible for insuring common areas, such as the building exterior. But as a condo owner, you may be responsible for items such as flooring, cabinetry, built-ins, or similar features of your home considered to be a permanent part of your condo unit.

Have you made any upgrades to your unit, such as a kitchen remodel or bathroom upgrades? Your condo association is only responsible for replacing the property it’s required by the condo bylaws to insure. This may not include any of the upgrades you’ve made. So in the event of water damage or fire, your policy could cover the replacement costs of your personal property and any upgrades you may have made.

Your agent can help you determine what you’re responsible for under the bylaws of your condo association and how much coverage you should have. When reviewing coverage limits, be sure to take inventory of your belongings. Your policy limits should cover the value of your belongings along with what you’d need to help pay for any damages you’re responsible for.

Our condo insurance is available in Michigan and Ohio. Coverage is available in Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire through our subsidiary, Patriot Insurance Company. Talk with a local, independent agent about getting the right coverage today.