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Start a conversation: 8 questions to ask your insurance agent.

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Not sure what questions to ask your insurance agent? We’ll help you have a frank conversation.

When you’re looking for new coverage or reviewing what you currently have, there are a few things you should always know:

  1. What is my deductible? If I ever need to file an insurance claim, how much will I have to pay out of pocket?
  2. What is my premium? How much will it cost to be insured, and what payment options are offered?
  3. What happens if I get into a car accident? How long will it take an adjuster to inspect the damage? How many estimates will I need? Do you work with a network of repair shops? Will you provide me with a rental car?
  4. Does my homeowners insurance policy offer enough protection? Do I have enough coverage, given the value of my home and all that’s inside of it? (To confirm this, take your home inventory list). Do I need extra insurance based on the region in which I live? If something happens, can I choose any contractor to repair the damage, or are there contractors you prefer? Does my policy include hotel expenses if my home is temporarily unlivable?
  5. Is it time for me to consider life insurance? Term life? Whole life? Or not just yet?
  6. Do I have enough liability coverage? The minimum amount is required in every U.S. state, but do I need more?
  7. Do I need an umbrella policy? Do I need protection above and beyond what my current policies offer?
  8. Am I eligible for any discounts? Is there a multi-policy discount I may be eligible for? Can I take driver’s safety courses for a lower premium? Does my alma mater offer an alumni discount?

Ready to get started? Find an agent near you and set up a meeting over coffee, not the cloud.

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