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15 vehicle safety features to consider.

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Years ago, things like airbags and seatbelts were considered some of the safest luxuries someone could have in their car. They didn’t come standard, and not everyone saw the value. But since then, we’ve come miles and miles.

Today, car manufacturers are continually introducing new technologies to keep drivers and passengers safer every time they’re on the road.

What are some of the safest features you should consider when looking for a new car? Let’s take a look:

  1. Electronic stability control – Slows individual wheels while you’re turning to keep the car on course
  2. Lane-keep assist – Detects when you may be veering out of a lane and steers the vehicle back into the correct one
  3. Adaptive cruise control – Monitors the speed you set and the distance between your car and the vehicle ahead
  4. Active park assist – Helps parallel park the vehicle with no steering needed
  5. 360-degree camera – Improves your visibility when backing up or parking
  6. Rear cross traffic alert – Warns you of oncoming traffic from the side when backing out of a parking spot — including angled parking
  7. Blind spot warning – Alerts you when a car moves into your blind spot
  8. Drowsiness alert – Uses automobile and driver data to indicate when you need a break
  9. Pedestrian avoidance – Provides a warning and automatically applies the brakes to avoid hitting a pedestrian
  10. Collision warning system – Alerts you when a collision is about to happen
  11. Inflatable seat belts – Deploys and spreads the force of a crash over an area of the body that’s five times greater than a traditional belt, further reducing the likelihood of injury
  12. Active head restraints – Head rests adjust upon collision to reduce impact and prevent whiplash
  13. Shatter resistant glass – A windshield that breaks into numerous, harmless pieces in the event of an accident
  14. Adaptive headlights – Brighten based on road conditions
  15. Voice controls – Controls the climate, navigation and even the windshield wipers with the sound of your voice

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