Bundle your coverage for savings

Streamline your coverage and save money on premiums with insurance bundling.

What is insurance bundling?

Bundling is when you purchase more than one type of insurance from the same carrier.

Think about the last time you purchased insurance. For your personal home and auto policies, it is likely these were issued by the same carrier because you were eligible for discounts by having both policies with the same company. At Frankenmuth Insurance, this is called a multi-policy discount and it’s extended whenever you bundle home and auto, home and life, or auto and life policies.

What are the benefits of bundling insurance with Frankenmuth Insurance?

  • Price. The cost of insurance is rising, and one way to save is to buy all your policies from Frankenmuth Insurance, which often makes you eligible for a discount. And you don’t have to sacrifice comprehensive coverage for the things you work hard to have.
  • Ease of service. When you establish a relationship with one agent and carrier, things become more seamless. Not to mention, they’re also easier to navigate and manage.
  • Tailored recommendations. When your independent insurance agent gets to know you, they can get a holistic view of your unique needs and recommend the appropriate coverages.
  • Trust and reliability. Frankenmuth Insurance has more than 155 years of trusted products and service, plus the financial strength of a national carrier.
  • Customer service. Should you experience a loss, you can report a claim 24/7 and have confidence in our fast, fair claims service that has earned us claim satisfaction ratings of 95% or more.

Other ways to save

In addition to multi-policy discounts through bundling, you can also ask your independent agent about saving money on premiums by:

  • Exploring additional discounts offered by the insurance carrier.
  • Increasing your deductibles.
  • Changing your payment frequency to semi-annual or annual.