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Babyproofing: 5 things to do in every room.

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When it comes to babyproofing, you know the basics:

  • You’ll latch and lock the cabinets and drawers — making sure no medicines or chemicals can be easily accessed.
  • You’ll install a safety gate. Or two. Or three. Or four.
  • Then, you’ll find every electrical outlet and make sure they’re covered.

But… believe it or not, that’s just the beginning.

To make sure your home is ready for its newest addition, go room-by-room with our list of things to do:


  1. Move all magnets to the top part of the refrigerator, or remove them altogether.
  2. Unplug any appliances that aren’t in use, but don’t let their cords dangle.
  3. Remove any kitchen towels from the oven door, because if your baby pulls on them, the door could actually open.
  4. Cover the knobs on your stove — especially if they’re right above the oven door.
  5. Move pet food dishes off the floor and out of reach as your furry friend finishes eating.

Living Room

  1. Attach the TV to the entertainment stand, or mount it to the wall.
  2. Mount bookshelves to the wall, and store the heaviest things on the lowest shelves.
  3. Make sure any breakable items and indoor plants are out of reach.
  4. Cover sharp corners with a cushioned-guard.
  5. Keep wires out of reach.


  1. Set your water heater to a temperature that’s below 120 degrees.
  2. Add no-slip strips on the bottom of your bathtub.
  3. Keep the water spout covered with something soft.
  4. Put the toilet seat down and secure it with a lock.
  5. Consider a child-proof trash can.


  1. Put the crib on a wall where windows and blinds (including their cords) are out of reach.
  2. Remove any wall décor that’s above the crib or changing table.
  3. Fasten the furniture to the wall.
  4. Install a smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector right outside of baby’s bedroom.
  5. Add non-skid pads to the bottom of the rugs.

The best way to make sure every room is safe for your baby? Take a few minutes to get to their level. See your house from their point of view, and see if there’s anything that might draw their attention. This way, you’re sure to see the safety hazards.

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