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We can cover more than just your condo.

More than likely, your condo association has insurance to protect the property from certain damages. But what happens when something isn’t covered? That’s when you need your own insurance coverage.

At Frankenmuth Insurance, our condominium insurance coverage protects:

Your condo

If your condo gets damaged, we can provide the additional coverage that your association’s insurance policy does not, including accidental damage, along with theft and vandalism.

Your possessions

Parts of your condo are likely covered by your association’s insurance, but your personal possessions probably aren’t. Our condo insurance will cover your appliances, electronics, furniture and apparel.

Your assets

Condo insurance can protect you against personal liability costs in the event you’re ever sued. We cover accidental bodily injury, medical bills, accidental property damage and lawsuits seeking damages.

Could our condo insurance be the right coverage for you? Ask one of our local, independent agents today.

Our condominium insurance is available in Michigan and Ohio. Coverage is available in Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire through our subsidiary, Patriot Insurance.