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We provide turn-key coverage for storage facility owners.

Your self-storage business is important to your customers and employees. If you have made an investment in this type of business, you’ll want to protect your assets with customized storage facility insurance. If something happened to your self-storage business that would cause you to close temporarily, your insurance coverage could make all the difference. It could help to restore your facility and help you make payroll. With that in mind, we’ve designed a business insurance policy to specifically meet the needs of storage facility owners.

Our storage facility insurance includes coverage for:

  • The physical structure of your building and its contents (inventory, shelves, display units, office materials)
  • Loss of revenue if you’re temporarily shut down
    (Example: A natural disaster causes major physical damage to your building, and business operations are interrupted because of the damage.)
  • Medical costs if a customer slips and falls at your location
  • Defense in the event that you are sued

Customize your policy with other industry-specific coverage like:

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Customize your storage facility insurance

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