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Frankenmuth Insurance is a respected regional insurance carrier.

In 1868, our story began in Frankenmuth, Michigan. Founded on the idea of neighbor helping neighbor, we began providing insurance protection to people like you. Over the years, our company has grown, but our mission has stayed the same. Our current regions of operation include:


Surety Bonds are sold through our subsidiary, Frankenmuth Surety. For more information on where our Surety Bonds are sold, visit FrankenmuthSurety.com or talk to your local agent.

Regional coverage includes:

  • Alabama Business Insurance
  • Georgia Business Insurance
  • Illinois Business Insurance
  • Indiana Business Insurance
  • Kentucky Business Insurance
  • Maine Business Insurance
  • Michigan Business Insurance
  • New Hampshire Business Insurance
  • North Carolina Business Insurance
  • Ohio Business Insurance
  • South Carolina Business Insurance
  • Tennessee Business Insurance
  • Vermont Business Insurance
  • Virginia Business Insurance
  • Wisconsin Business Insurance
  • Michigan Yacht Insurance
  • Ohio Yacht Insurance
  • Wisconsin Yacht Insurance
  • Maine Auto Insurance
  • Maine Home Insurance
  • Michigan Auto Insurance
  • Michigan Home Insurance
  • New Hampshire Auto Insurance
  • New Hampshire Home Insurance
  • New Hampshire Life Insurance
  • Ohio Auto Insurance
  • Ohio Home Insurance
  • Vermont Auto Insurance
  • Vermont Home Insurance
  • Maine Life Insurance
  • Michigan Life Insurance
  • Ohio Life Insurance
  • Vermont Life Insurance